Sunday, 18 July 2021
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New beekeeper. Please be nice. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ
I got two nucs back in May, both swarmed, both had lots of queen cells (swarm and supercedures) and only one was able to requeen. My other hive is a laying worker hive, with capped drone brood on all frames. It has been 7+ weeks since they swarmed so I know these are not leftover from the old queen. The cells have multiple eggs and some eggs are laid high up on the sides. I cannot seem to procure a queen cell locally, so I would like to combine the LW hive with my queenright hive.
My QR hive has only just started building their numbers again, so I dont want to weaken them by adding frames slowly to save the LW hive.
Has anyone had experience with the newspaper combine for a hive like this?
My QR hive is one brood box full and a second on top that they are building comb on. They have about 3 frames built out on it. So I would put a layer of newspaper on top of the second deep and put the LW hive on the top?
Is there a risk that my LW bees would go kill my one good queen? Would a queen excluder between them under the newspaper help deter them?
I'm going to slice the capped drone cells before combining. There seem to be a lot of worker bees still left in my LW hive, even though they are old, so I don't want to just abandon them unless the risk of combining is too high.
11 months ago
I would place the LW brood box at the location of the queen-right colony. Place the LW box on the bottom board, newspaper, and the two boxes of the queen-right colony on top.
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