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  Monday, 29 July 2013
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I bought a nuc this spring with a bred queen. She was supposed to be Carniolan. But as I look at the bees coming and going, I could never tell what breed of bee they were. After all the reading I've done on the internet about this subject I know no more how to identify the bees now than I did before. Not that it matters but it does peak my interest. Anybody else ask this question, or is anything simple?
9 years ago
The package and nuc I got were both mixed and included carni's buckfast, Italian & hygenic carni X. Carni's are suppose to be a grayish tan in color...my hive appear to have both these and what appear to be Italian the orange tan coloration also...
unless you purchase a 100 percent Carni it might be hard to tell.
9 years ago
I'm sure I'll never be able to identify the race of the bees in my hive by looking at them. I feel I always end up with a mixed breed as supercedures and swarms take place. Thank You Lindsey for your input, I am always curious how others see the subject.
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