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  Wednesday, 02 November 2016
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Long (boring) story on how I got in this position, but the result is that I had two supers half full of uncapped honey that I just removed from my hives today. The honey had moved past the nectar stage (wouldn't drip when upside down) but was uncapped. It looks fine but I think it has started to ferment (has a wine-y taste and a stronger smell).

I've got about 13 pounds of this honey. Too much to toss!
Any recommendations as to what to do with it?

Google searches say don't give "too much" to the bees. Is 13 pounds too much? And they won't need any til Spring... I imagine i need to fridge it til then?
Can I use it in my own kitchen as I would regular honey (taste permitting)?
And can I just store it in my fridge?

Always learning something new.
Thanks for any guidance you can offer.
5 years ago
Thanks - seems like the intuitive thing to do huh? I've made mead four years in a row and I just decided this year to stop making it. I don't even like it very much! ...sigh... maybe it's fate...
5 years ago
Make mead!
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