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  Monday, 18 September 2017
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For interest only, is there anything left now for bees to forage? Seems like local goldenrod is almost past along with japanesse knotweed. In addition we have had very warm weather and with it a dry spell. My bees seem to have reduced flights considerably but at the same time want to do something.

I would say a hard frost or freeze will bring it to an end but a little rain right now would help
the Aster for a while goldenrod is going by fast some areas goldenrod is gone.
But I feel we have had a great fall very little feeding needed some areas no feeding needed
To me that's great as natural food is way better then sugar water, plus I find my hives well stocked with pollen . So they should do great, mite count is very low.
Hoping for the best
4 years ago
Previous years, local knotweed were so dense with honeybees it was almost scary but encouraging.Seems like activity didn't last long. This year I seemed to miss the activity although the flowers look like they have been well used.
Goldenrod has lost its color but dandy lions and aster seem to be everywhere.
Bees still seem very active.
Will a cold snap/ frost, stop the nector flow?
Or are other factors more important?
4 years ago
Asters still yielding.
I see about the same some goldenrod but a lot turning brown ,Aster is doing well
Some other minor flower bloom .
Bees still bring in pollen and some nectar not as strong as last week.
May want to watch out for robbing in the near future.
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