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  Wednesday, 28 August 2013
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ok... now don't laugh at this beginner beekeeper!
Are the white stripes on the backs ( thorax ) of my bees from pollen?
I have 3 hives, and only one colony has these bees coming and going!
I'd say the count at the entrance, is around 1 to 4.
They seem to belong there- not like robbers.
They are definately noticeable!

any answer?

( at first glance, it is as bright white as a queens mark!, and you can see them
coming to the hive from a distance!)

I'm going to try to get a photo tomorrow.
thank-you Kim!
whew... thought we had a new "breed" showing up here in the NEK! ha.
8 years ago
I had the same question when I was starting out, so I am laughing because I think it's a common question! It's from them climbing in and out of the jewelweed (touch me not) flowers. They get the pollen on their "backs" as the go in for nectar. Find the plants nearby and watch. They grow in wet spots and the seeds reach peak pop-ability around the time school starts.
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