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  Saturday, 17 January 2015
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BetterBee advertises two types of patties. Winter patties with less pollen but more carbohydrate for 'emergency' feeding in late winter, and a 'global' patty with more pollen to stimulate brood rearing for early spring. Wondering if anyone has used this winter patty instead of fondant and could comment on it.
7 years ago
Here I go again, not reading your comment correctly. If they need emergency feeding, fondant (now or whenever) and pollen sub in late March. Old-timers.
7 years ago
Thanks for the helpful reply Mike. The winter patty is advertised as containing 2.5% protein and they say it's heavy on carbohydrate. They claim they are feeding it now so I thought it might be useful as a substitute for fondant, but later in the winter (like March - but even then, they will not be out flying, so your point is well taken.) So,any additional protein at this point would increase their need for a cleansing flight, which they aren't going to be able to take, and thus possibly create a dysentery problem, whereas fondant(fed in late March)is utilized immediately for energy and doesn't stay in their system. Does that sound about right?
7 years ago
I don't really understand the need for "winter" patties with protein. Bees don't need protein in winter, and I would think it would increase the need for a cleansing flight. If they need emergency feeding, then give them fondant. In late March, give them pollen sub.
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