Beekeeping in Vermont...

Hello everyone. I discovered, with the help of Steve Parise, that I had some mites in my hives. I ordered some MAQS, Mite Away Quick Strips, and thought I would let you know how things went. I placed the patties in the hives a week ago. I have not disturbed the hives since placing, per the directions.

I did have a small amount of bearding on one of the hives the following day but the bees kept coming and going as usual, this was expected. There are questions as to whether the paper has to be removed after the treatment. It is apparent that the bees take care of this themselves, there are little white specs of paper, and a few bigger pieces on the ground in front of the hives.

Pretty cool. Anyway, as advertised I do not see any apparent harm to the hives and am confident that the formic acid has taken care of the infestation. Due to the possibility of thunder storms today I have not looked in the hives, perhaps tomorrow.

If I do discover a problem I will update, however I do not expect any problems. Perhaps the MAQS will be the answer to the Mite problem.