Beekeeping in Vermont...

North Yard Workshop Date Rescheduled

Please note: Due to weather concerns the April 21 Workshop at the Northern Yard
has been tentatively rescheduled to Sunday, April 22 from 12 noon to 2pm.

Watch this space, our Twitter feed or the calendar for updates.

As we march toward EAS-Vermont 2012, we will be publishing periodic stories about the history of beekeeping in Vermont.   We welcome entries from any VBA member. 

    Well, not THE Langstroth hive, which  invented by Rev. Lorenzo Langstroth in the 1850's.   But a "Vermont Beehive" was patented in 1841 by Mr. John Weeks of Salisbury.  As he explained in his promotional material, it was "the first improvement by which honey could be gotten without destroying the bees."   Weeks was not alone in those fertiles years of the nation's first industrial revolution when inventors of all kinds were at work.  Here in Vermont the Fairbanks Scale...
      For this invention, Weeks received a silver medal from the American Institute of New York.  The hive was widely used, until the Langstroth revolution.  
      Weeks also wrote a manual of beekeeping which sold more than 20,000 copies.  He was described as a scientific farmer, in Addision County and was one of the founders of the Addison County Agricultural Society.