Why an electric fence is a must and how to ensure that it's a real deterrent.

Feb 28, 2024 7:00PM



Apiary electric fences are a critical part of protecting your hives and colonies from bears (and skunks). There's often some anxiety about how to build an electric fence but they are actually fairly simple to build. Sometimes your fence looks good but isn't effective. This workshop will use lots of pictures to show how to make sure that your fence is a deterrent.

We will cover alternative kinds of equipment you can use. We'll cover energizer output requirements, grounding specs, apiary location considerations for fences, and much more.

The session will cover what you need to know to ensure that your electric fence will deter bears.

There are a couple of new specs for apiary fences, especially fence height, and a surprising video clip that shows the reason for the change.

We'll also cover the common issues that cause fences to not be effective.

Finally, we'll talk about what to do with your fence during the winter.