Seeking Nominations for the

Vermont Beekeepers Association Recognition Program

at the

July 13, 2024, VBA Summer Meeting

The Vermont Beekeeper’s Association created the Vermont Beekeeper Recognition Program (formerly the Beekeeper of the Year Award) to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Vermont beekeepers who support beekeeping in Vermont and have provided outstanding service to the VBA.

Please review the program's description then make your nomination at the bottom of this page. (VBA Members - login to submit a nomination.)

The nomination form is available to current VBA members and describes the categories of recognition. You may submit as many entries as you like and your entries will be retained for two years. Questions may be directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A list of past recipients is located here:



We are seeking nominees in the following categories: 

Beekeeper of the Year

Eligibility and criteria:

  • Must be a VBA member
  • May only receive this recognition one time (see list of previous recipients linked above.)
  • Efforts positively impact some aspect of apiculture statewide – beekeeper or public education, honey marketing, reduction of adverse environmental impacts on honey bees, research, etc.
  • The significant effort can be during a recent year or multiple recent years.
  • Would include a person or people who are the primary organizers and implementers of a program for several years.
  • Can be given to a person of any age including youths.
  • Involved in a wide range of activities – demonstrating, showing, doing, teaching, promoting.


Friend of the Bees

Eligibility and criteria:

  • Anyone: business, individual, agency, institution, researchers, municipalities, etc.
  • Not limited to VBA members.
  • Outstanding efforts in support of Vermont bees or beekeepers.


Outstanding efforts on honeybee education

Eligibility and criteria:

  • For beekeepers and non-beekeepers
  • Not limited to VBA members.
  • Frequently conducts or assists on classes, workshops, public events (fairs, festivals, etc.)

Includes Outstanding efforts by a Mentor and Mentee pair:

  • Any VBA Mentor/Mentee pair
  • How were they successful?
  • How did they make it work?


Mission superhero

Eligibility and criteria:

  • Any VBA member
  • Outstanding initiative or leadership on a specific project or set of projects that contribute(s) to the VBA mission.
  • Can be given to a person of any age including youths.



Deadline for Nominations - June 13, 2024


Selected individuals or entities will be recognized at the July 13, 2024 Summer Meeting.


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