Beekeeping in Vermont
Dear VBA members,

The VBA Board has heard from a number of beekeepers asking about how to best hold conversations with farmer friends and neighbors about neonicotinoids. As a result, the VT Pollinator Working Group compiled this digital educational resource curated for crop producer audiences. Each resource listed has a summary and link where you can view the resource. We hope that you, VBA beekeepers, will have some conversations with your farmer neighbors in the coming weeks. Please feel free to share this resource and let it aid your discussions. This is a great opportunity to connect with your community around something that can help us all and make a better future for generations to come.

In addition, VPIRG has provided us with talking points for speaking with local farmers and neighbors (Login required.) about neonicotinoids and H.706 (a bill to phase out the use of neonicotinoids). We will include that as well if you'd like help on how to hold these conversations.

If you have any conversations with folks in your community, please keep a record of the conversations and report back to VBA Vice President Bianca Braman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you connect with a farmer who is willing to sign a letter in support of the bees and H.706, please let us know! This will allow us to connect with the farmer to get signatures. Please note the time for these conversations is now, as the legislative session is waning and the senate will be voting soon. 

Thank you for all of your effort on behalf of the bees. Your hard work will have an effect for decades to come!